Pieces from the Foundation Spring Project 2021

Pieces from the Foundation Spring Project 2021

The students worked with tutor Ali Willis to create original compositions telling the story of the fight between Theseus and the Minotaur. They developed their creativity on a new digital platform – Bandlab. Although we all had the odd issue with Bandlab, the student pieces were exciting. Ali supported the students through the concept of telling a story with music and how to enable that through a digital platform. The parent feedback tells us that many of the students have started a new interest and understanding for composition through Bandlab.

Some student feedback:

“He found the structure of the day worked well and the content was really engaging.  He particularly enjoyed the fact that he could work with the software himself and he was up early and playing around with it again this morning before he’d even had breakfast.”

“He has got so much out of the sessions; I have seen him grow in confidence with his music, and the programmes that they have been introduced to have given him another dimension.”

“Thanks very much for the inspiring day last week; my daughter hung on in there and really learnt a lot which I’m sure will be useful.”

“We’re so grateful for all that SWMS has provided for her over the past year – it has been a rich and rewarding experience. The sense of community and support and opportunity to creatively step off the treadmill has been lovely for her.”