Pieces from the February 2021 Core Residential

Pieces from the February 2021 Core Residential


Musical history is a matter of perspective, whether we draw a timeline backwards from a modern style such as Hip-Hop or forwards from a point in the past such as 1940’s bebop or 1920’s samba. Either perspective may be limited or enhanced by ‘filters’ such as our tastes in music, the influence of our families and friends, where we live, our education or our political views. Discovering connections and creating timelines will broaden and deepen our musical horizons, ultimately making us more employable in a highly competitive industry.

In this online residential, students explored the roots of contemporary popular styles such as rap, drum n bass, R n B, jazz and funk focusing on the music of South America and the Caribbean. As well as the usual focus on rhythm, there was also an exploration of melody, harmony and vocal styles.  Students also had the opportunity to look at the “gift” of improvisation – rumba, samba, jazz, making use of whatever is to hand: Music Everywhere!

Below are the links to the pieces produced over the week – videos for the first two pieces are lalso linked!

Group 1: Aisha, Aisling, Hector, Hester, and James – https://soundcloud.com/…/february-2021-core-pieces-group-a

Group 2: Benjamin, Finley, Gabriel, Ollie, Oscar, and Zingo – https://soundcloud.com/south-west-music-school/february-21-core-pieces-group-b

Group 3: Callan, Calum, Kimi, Ralph, and Sky – https://soundcloud.com/south-west-music-school/february-2021-core-pieces-group-c

Group 4: Ashleigh, Daniel, Jemma, Lily, Romano, and Sebastian – https://soundcloud.com/south-west-music-school/february-2021-core-pieces-group-d

Group 5: Adrienne, Aleksandra, Ella, Molly, and Nor – https://soundcloud.com/south-west-music-school/february-2021-core-pieces-group-e

Videos for groups 1 and 2: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO0wnjVy_TTWUQDdXWK-kPFCxRJ8ZS4gC