Foundation programme ‘Jigsaw Piece’, November sharing

Foundation programme ‘Jigsaw Piece’, November sharing

During the autumn term, students on our Foundation programme have been exploring rhythm and sound through the body and instruments with tutor and songwriter-producer Matthew Ker (MaJiKer).

The first workshop explored vocal and body percussion, rhythmic confidence, notating beatbox and developing layered rhythmic material. Students also started working on recording their compositional snippets at home.

In the second workshop, students were introduced to Logic software and electronic sound manipulation, learning how to combine diverse elements into one coherent piece. They also experimented with using their own instruments as percussion tools and how to layer sound.

Students recorded their own instrumental creations throughout the term and sent them to Matthew, who created a final musical ‘Jigsaw Piece’. Click the picture below to visit our SoundCloud page and listen to the track:

Feedback from parents:

We were so impressed with the piece that Matthew put together. Please can you send him a massive thank you?  I was quite overwhelmed when I first heard it. The children had been so creative and he’s so clever. Noah really enjoyed seeing the logic software in action and he’s really keen to have a link to the piece. I think they can all feel very proud of themselves.

This is just a short note to say thank you very much for organising such an amazing ‘class’ for everyone. Brynn has learnt a lot from the experience, the look of delight that came over his face when he heard his little ‘bit’ in the composition was great to see. Matthew pitched the whole event just right for everyone. Thank you very much indeed.