Debussy Mirrored project, November 2020

Debussy Mirrored project, November 2020

‘Debussy’s music is beautiful, mysterious, & challenging without being forbidding…’

As part of our Additional Opportunities programme, students from the PDP, Core and Composer programmes took part in a Debussy Mirrored project this term with Eddie Parker – jazz flautist, composer, SWMS mentor, and leader of Debussy Mirrored Ensemble:

Here’s the final piece created by the students and Eddie:

Feedback from parents:

Wow – that was just amazing.  Jessie was blown away with what Eddie put together.  Can you please pass on our thanks and best wishes to him? She is absolutely on a high this weekend with all the opportunities SWMS have given her this term despite the restrictions of lockdown. Many, many thanks from her very grateful parents!